Tools for sequence analysis

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Pytraclus is a program used for sophisticated analysis of GATC Biotech DNA sequencing results (checks for 5' signature, clusters identical sequences, works on forward or inverse complementary nucleotides sequences, all frames may be translated....). Inputs may be either zip files containing nucleotide sequences (as text files, one sequence per file) or also individual text files with sequences either as plain text or in Fasta format (one sequence per file).

Hulk is a program used for translation of the six frames of each sequence present in GATC results zip file or in a text file with (several) sequences in Fasta format....

Simple DNA tools is a complementary program devoted to analysis of a single sequence pasted onto the browser either with Fasta format or without format at all. one can choose either to reverse, reverse complement translate three direct frames, the reverse frames, together the six frames... results of translation may be obtained in compact form of with super-imposed nucleotide sequence. Obviously results may be pasted to a text processor. Program may also be used to calculate in a rather crude fashion (2AT4GC rule) the melting temperature of an oligonucleotide.
Simple DNA tools

If you have Python installed on your computer you might like the Python programs packed in the downloadable archives. Programs use the Tkinter frugal but efficient GUI. They are versions of Pytraclus and Hulk similar, to the ones on the web (with less features though). Simple DNA tools is virtually identical to the web version. Have a look to the readme_first text...

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